What a wonderful end to the year with some more Kowanyama students graduating high school including a couple of our COLBI support program recipients. And it was exciting to see Shekia graduate this year when she also 'graduated' as a 'senior camp leader' after volunteering and training for several years as a junior leader.

All of the kids who graduated this year had also been regulars at our holiday programs and/or youth groups over the years as 'littlies' - so wonderful to see them growing up. Our hope is that we will see a larger proportion finish successfully like this in future. Both of our COLBI recipients from 2017 are currently working or in training.







With the generous support of Cairns Floral Supplies we were able to provide a range of beautiful silk flowers to be used at the cemetery and church for the memorial of the tragic accident in Oct 2016 that took a life and injured many others and deeply affected the community.

Hinterland Aviation also continued to generously support us assisting with flights especially for our Leadership camp.

Rosanna Christian Church continues to send us regular donations that support our work.