We really want to help Kowanyama families who want their kids to get early access to a good education in a supportive environment. This can be tough in a remote community.
We see  many high school boarding kids pulling out and/or not finishing high school.  It can be really hard.
Government assistance is available for remote kids once they reach high school ( when boarding school is the only option to complete schooling) but there is nothing for primary aged kids and many families want their kids to get out earlier because waiting until high school often makes it too hard to catch up academically or to adjust to boarding life.

One couple who are founding members started up Primary Boarding in 2006 to help get kids ready for high school boarding. They have been doing this on their own whilst helping run OTK but this is now being integrated with OTK programs and as this expands members sometimes help with 'childminding' etc.  One of the couple has lived in Kowanyama and both have worked with the community since 2000 and they have good connections with communities and families and an understanding of Kowanyama culture. Other members have also taken part in primary boarding.
Parents make a small contribution and the couple contributes all the rest. The leadership camps are also run out of their farm and they are undergoing expansion work to increase their intake of boarders.  Any financial assistance or donations towards these is appreciated. Click here.
Primary Boarding is only available to a small number of chosen primary aged boys. To be picked, a child must be trying their best,  have good attendance and behaviour at school and families agree to the conditions and are supportive of their education. 

  • Lots of help with homework and home tutoring to help them catch up (most kids do minimum 1 hour per night with one on one assistance).
  • Supportive family environment and mentoring/guidance
  • School books, uniforms, school bag, excursion costs, lunchbox etc.
  • Two return flights to Kowanyama per year (Dec & June Holidays).
  • Unlimited phone calls home.
  • Books, toys, bikes, sportsgear.
  • Lots of good healthy homegrown farm food.
  • Clothes & shoes.
  • Trips including interaction with other Kowanyama kids who are at boarding schools.
  • DVD with photos for family every year.

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