This fund is used for improvements to the publically accessible space at the Kowanyama church. 

Having places to meet and connect are very important for socially disadvantaged and isolated communities and there are few places like this in Kowanyama. Providing places that groups and families can meet , connect and relax are important to the wellbeing of people going through hard times.

Decisions are made on how this fund is spent in consultation with the local community and church members.  Funds are raised by the local church,  community members, outside donors and some of our fundraising goes into this fund.

As well as being a church it is also where programs are run for kids, many community events, cultural workshops, arts events, funerals, weddings, christenings etc.  It really is the hub of the community. 

To date OTK has built a fence around the parks area to keep bulls and horses out, repaired and painted the toilet block and replaced its roof, planted trees with irrigation for future shaded areas, built a public BBQ area with picnic table and coin operated BBQ for use by all community members. All with raised funds, volunteer work and a contribution from Qld Govt grant Caring for Communities.   Local men led by Viv Sinnamon erected a traditional shelter over the picnic table. This has really provided a wonderful family/community meeting place that there hadn't been before and it has been well used.

The Kowanyama police and community members raised the funds to put airconditioners in the church building which are much needed in this very hot place.  OtK also contributed in a small way to this fundraising.

Current priorities for this fund are:

  • Additional picnic tables and park equipment  and fire pit to make it a community connection hub.
  • Expansion of the tree planting and landscaping.
  • Repairs to damage to fencing from bulls ( we are hoping these destructive bulls will be kept out of community in future).
  • Repairs to most of the church building have now been committed to by the Anglican diocese and we are no longer fundraising for this.

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Community Park