The Local Church has a Youth Group which was set up by one of our members who used to live in Kowanyama.  Another one of our members then helped to run it when flying in and out for work and mentored the local leaders involved.  It was a great place for youth to ask questions about faith, God and search for answers.  We also work on building leadership skills and encouraging young people to be role models and peacemakers in their community.  The Youth Group met weekly for a variety of activities, sometimes sharing a meal together.  Some of the past activities have been: bike rides, singing / dancing, indoor / outdoor games, fellowship nights, sharing times.

The Youth Group has been running in this format since 2008 and it has been a great joy for OtK to be able to support this great local activity through mentoring, leading and provision of resources.
Sadly as of 2015 there has been no youth group due to a lack of support from resident leaders and flyin flyout staff having to leave.  If you or someone you know is going to work in Kowanyama and could assist with this please let us know.

Past programs